Yes No? Inflation crees the first quincena junio. y lo peor está por venir – Meczyki

The Bank of Mexico realized a great deal of its inflationary problems for months and advises that the balance of presents present a remarkable amount of time, even at the time of applying a history of 755, 755 cents.

The central bank of the bank said that the inflation was fixed at the third quarter, with a new promo of 8.1 per cent, more than the last 7.0 per cent of the previous estimation, and revised to increase its accuracy for the general quarter 2023.

Accompanied by the pronouns, the inflection was heard in the first quarter of this season at 7.5 per cent, by 6.4 per cent of the previous estimation. For the subdued end of the index it adjusts from 5.9 to 6.8 per cent. We really expect the index to be converted to 3 meta in the first quarter of 2024.

In its monetary policy report, the Central Bank also received a historical record in the context of the referendum, based on a 75-point basis, at 7.75 per cent, and the fact that the Juventa of Gobierno had its intentions to keep its promise in place. find the case you need.

Since then, the analysts have also provided their own pronouns for the inflection of the new to the newcomers of the 8th century, and it seems that the intersection of the fundraiser could have been 10 years old.

De acuerdo con l report, la junta consideró que hay mayores retos para la conductión de la politica monetaria, ante el apretamiento de las condiciones financieras globale, el entorno de acentuada incertidumbre, las presiones inflacionarias de ansuadan incerid. The politics of the aspolitical conditions of the conflicting conferences of the monetary policy of political monetary-19 in China, and the possibility of inflections on inflation.

Entering the algae for the infancy is the persistence of the subdued end, presuppositions of external derivations of the pandemia; mayors presents in the precise agropecuariosis and energetics for the geopolitical conflict a change of cost, and costs.

Eleven pronósticos

According to the report, Banorte revised his analysis of the inflection of the paradigm to increase it from 8.1 to 6.7 per cent. Paragraph 2023, subtitled 4.1 because you feel like you feel 3.9.

Monex analysts say that it is very difficult to understand the difference between the eight and not 8 per cent.

At the same time, BNP Paribas increased its rating from 7.1 per cent to 7.5 per cent.

“The estimation of the central bank’s duds puy son my optimists in the rapidity with which the conversion of the meta, to the regression of the range of the results of 2024, but without serious complication or inflamed infrasi esn. algo aislado ”, said Priscila Robledo, economist jefe de la firma Fintual.

“Explain the difference between communication and the data of the INEGI. of the convergence. Mercury Mexico NBNP Paribas.

The economist realizes that the velocity in which the inflation regulates the meta de Banxico will be very lenient and that there is a lot of talk about everything because of the disrupting themes in productive ways.

At the time of the referendum, Banorte projected other points of 75 points before and 50 points in the rest of the match, with the fact that the quarter was finalized at 10 p.m.

Gabriela Siller, Director of Analysis of Banco Base, indicates that the mercado, the trappings of the swaps, must have been another 75 points at the base of the anonymous and other two or 50 points at the base, with the interface This could be the same in Mexico between 9.5 and 10 per cent.

Peso Mainten Fortaleza

The money was reported to have a stable journal and registered a ligamentous appreciation, but it was discovered in the case of Banxico, with which it had sixty journas with avances.

Accompanied by Banxico, the Mexican monkey will be worth 20.0 dollars per dollar, with an appreciation of 0.07 per cent; There were 19.98 units during the period.