You have an overpass five months late.

Juarez City According to the trust, after a five-month delay, the overpass at the intersection of Avenda de las Torres and Black Palacio de Mitla is expected to be open for circulation in two to three weeks.

Although the structure presents a significant breakthrough, signaling, electrical network connection work, among others, details are still pending, explained the director of the trust, Rogelio Fernandez Erguin, who said it could be expected. That “surprise for the people of the provided jury” and finish the work as soon as possible.

He said, “The depressed person is practically gone, the alley that runs down the street is missing, there are details of some gestures and work is being done to make a connection to the electrical network which will be ready in two or three weeks.” Let’s do it. ”

Delays in the construction of the structure have been repeatedly pointed out as part of the unfinished business of Jawaharlal Nehru’s administration. According to previous government estimates, the tunnel will be delivered last July, which was later postponed. Done. The month of August, a deadline not met.

The work in this area was done by Santa Rosalia SADCV, who was awarded the contract for 47 million 493 thousand 594.14 paise including VAT as stated in FPFC / CO / 033 / Order 2020. The agreement marks the disappointing phase of the formal delivery deadline, May 2021.

On the other hand, the official pointed out that in the case of De Los Torres and Ramon Raven Avenue underpass, the general progress of the work is about 75%, which is why the contractor has been consulted so that the tunnel can be completed soon.

Work on Raman Raven Avenue has been handed over to Stall Constructions Company along with Engineering and Construction Track, as per FPFC / CO / 041/2020, which includes an investment of 52 million 229 thousand 295 paise. Including VAT, marking last July as the last date for delivery of works, a deadline that was not met.

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