‘You’re an idiot if you think so [this] lethal shot is not about money


Remind me whose life was ruined by wearing a mask or taking a life-saving vaccine?

Remind me: Why can we not come to herd immunity, which requires continued restrictions and locks?


BOYS. Joe Biden kills children and the health authorities are authoritarian. But you are a narcissist if you do not agree with me.


Medical Dr. Smartypats, PhD, knows better how to test an infectious disease than the research world.

No one “searches” for the virus. This is not a hunting party. It is collected where it is happy to be collected.


There are many reasons to criticize big Pharma. This is not one of them.

When it came to money, the medical industry earns much more from a COVID hospital visit than from a vaccine and any boostershots. If the motive was profit, why would they vaccinate people to keep them out of additional medical need?

And how do they decide when the profit is good (DONALD TRUMP, Big Oil) and when it is bad (medicine)?


Some of these memes are so lazy, it’s obvious that the Russians who make them do not even have to work so hard. The early launch of the vaccine was so systemically racist that white people were vaccinated at a much higher rate. Given the differences in health care, black and brown communities died at a higher rate than whites. Black and brown children were more affected by school graduations – from lack of computers and internet access for distance learning to lack of access to school lunches, an important service for poverty reduction. Inequality has been evident during the pandemic.

And America questioned the government. It questioned it so strongly that it elected a sitting president for only the third time in the last century.


“Do your own research by sharing this meme.”


Business can not find new employees because people are tired of working for bad wages. They want more money, more flexibility, more respect. Employers who provide these are much easier to hire. Others are not interested in exposing themselves to the dangers of a workplace when so many assholes refuse to vaccinate, and can not even handle masking. And then there are those who retired early.

The shot has nothing to do with the matter.


Doctors are evil. God is the best healer. Let’s remember that.

And while we’re talking about religion, let’s refer to Vice President Kamala Harris as “ho” just as Jesus would have done.


TRUE. If conservative politicians actually encouraged their supporters to get vaccinated, this would end much sooner.


Joe Biden does not own shares in Big Pharma. He owns no shares, point.

Again, if money were the driving force, no vaccine would exist. Much more money to make from building new hospitals to treat millions more covid victims than giving them a cheap try.

Regeneron is much more expensive than a vaccine, as are all other drugs that are pumped into severe covid patients (sedatives, painkillers, steroids, etc).


He was already crying over abortions. This is more like “my body my choice, only when it actually handles my own body.”


They need their own hospital system. Stick them in Trump hotels. Staff them with preachers. They can stuff themselves with horse paste and hydroxychloroquine as best they can.


Remember, doctors and hospitals are evil, God is the better healer, but when Covid struck, he did not go to church. He went to one of these evil hospitals, and Big Pharma made thousands on the drugs used to keep him alive.

He was Big Pharma’s best customer. At least he does where until he died.

Meanwhile, he took his father to the hospital.


Do not ask. I have no idea.


And … Dad goes too.

One of these memes said, “they do not care whose lives are ruined by these policies or if they even work, just as long as they” feel “safe.

In this story, only two people’s lives were destroyed (literally) and it was not liberals who pursued a policy to keep us not just feeling sure, but Alive sure.

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