‘You’re dirty,’ says Carmen Salinas to Lalu Mora after touching a woman without permission, El Seglo de Turin

Actress and producer Carmen Salinas had a lot to say to him after another video was released in which Lalu Mora was seen holding a fan who posed for pictures with him.

“Mr. Lalu Mora, you are a dumpster,” the former PRI deputy insisted on the “Howe” program.

Salinas explained that she doesn’t usually comment, but this time she does because “she gave me so much courage.”

“Who are you, dirty pig, to do with all the women?” Asked the producer of “Adventurer”.

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Carmen Salinas assured that she is very angry because she is the grandmother of six grandchildren and she would not like to experience it.

A video went viral this Wednesday showing Lalu Mora taking photos with his followers, and after a shot, Mora grabbed the breast of one of them.

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Immediately the fanatic removes his hand and walks away with a hint of distress. This is not the first video in which Lalu is seen behaving similarly with his fans.

This Friday morning, Pedro Carrizells, “El Magis”, a lawmaker from San Luis Potos, went to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to condemn the group singer Lalu Mora who arrested a young woman after a concert in the United States. Was caught


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