Zach Wilson of Jets is learning how difficult it is to be a shopkeeper NFLQB.

Zack Wilson It’s not just the NFL that learns that the leap from college to professionalism is so dangerous that it requires a warning from the surgeon general attached. Jaguars first air head coach Urban Meyer shared the experience of Broncos coach Vic Fungio with this line:

“It’s like playing Alabama in the NFL every week.”

The mayor is a 57-year-old man who is unaffected by life. If he feels that way, how do you think a 22-year-old quarterback with a rogue head coach, rogue coordinator and suspected offensive line?

In general, the NFL Midweek Press Conference is not a place to go to learn a ton about what is really going on with a player and his team. But when Wilson stepped into it on Thursday, there was something different about his behavior from last Thursday, when he looked bouncy and excited and called Bill Belchuck “that man.”

Wilson removed his professional debut from the quarterback in Carolina, being replaced by Sam Darnald, but showed enough ability and toughness for viewers to make it relatively. Decide to succeed. Week 2 was nothing. Wilson’s home opening defeat at the hands of the Belsink Patriots. And fellow first-round pick McJones (from Alabama mentioned above) was a full-fledged plant.

The former BYU star explained, “I have never thrown four games in one game in my life.

Zack Wilson
Zack Wilson

So he thought he was more depressed, and looked a little weaker, as he prepared to face Fengyu’s Broncos, who gave Tapur Lawrence only one point. Wilson is learning the hardest lesson about on-the-job training during the early hours of the reconstruction process.

It’s one thing to anticipate turbulent times and talk about turbulent times, but it’s quite another to actually go through those turbulent times.

Wilson looked like he could use another game against Texas State on Thursday. Rocky Jets coordinator Mike LaFloor may have called Wilson “unbearable”, but the film doesn’t lie. Wilson was a missing little boy at the Met Life Stadium there, and fans told him about it.

This is a toll on Wilson. The Jets may be lucky to go 5-12 this year, and in fact, as long as Wilson progresses, it won’t be the end of the world.

But rebuilding in football is not the same as rebuilding in most other sports. When you start a program in the NFL from the start, you are physically beaten, and Wilson will punish anyone just as much.

“Dude, can you imagine being a quarterback, just a pinnacle out there?” Jets head coach Robert Saleh asked his defense coordinator Jeff Alberch while watching the film on Monday.

This is a very difficult task, and only a dozen or more men on the planet can do it at a high professional level. This job offers all kinds of fame and fortune to those who succeed in it, but it can break even a young player in half. Only time will tell which way Wilson will go.

“He’s just as talented, if not the most talented quarterback I’ve been in a team with, everything from arm strength to athletic ability that he has,” Albright said. His most successful quarterback and co-star with player and coach, Matt Ryan. “And besides, she’s got this real, authentic change and confidence in her.”

“But he plays a position that is a complete monster to start as a bully. You look at the great quarterbacks of this league, he was either struggling as a bully or he bullied. Didn’t play as one, one or the other. I still have strong faith in it, as our team does, as the whole organization does. It is so important to go through these pieces that it becomes a quarterback that it needs.

So important, and very painful. Belchuck has praised Wilson’s arm strength, (“he can really rust it”), accuracy, quick release, and athleticism, but when breaking the tape of a child’s most terrifying intervention – “I’m not really sure what Wilson was looking at here,” said Belchuck, with Virtual Pint to Devin McCorty – former Pets quarterback Scott Zolk.

Wilson didn’t believe it either, so he encouraged Saleh to ask him to hug him occasionally, which the coach called “boring” for his skills. Like everything with a rookie, it’s much easier than working.

“When I signed up to come here for this job,” Wilson said, “I knew trouble was coming.”

But knowing it, and living it, are two very different things. Wilson is now living in it, and is beginning to realize how much damage it will do.


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